How to Nail your Product Hunt Launch

What people say about launching their product on Product Hunt with Chris:

Chris is exceptionally knowledgeable about the process launching products on Product Hunt with incredible product insights and experience. He goes into great details on topics like messaging, timing, graphics, and audiences to ensure a launch has all the pieces it needs to be successful. — Sean Li, MagicLink

Chris is a Product Hunt expert! He assessed my project, it's core idea, where we are in our roadmap, and then gave me really clear and tangible advice as to how to best leverage the Product Hunt community - where I might find collaborators, or cheerleaders; when to launch; what to accomplish before launch; how to iterate once on product hunt; and best of all, he gave me the boost of encouragement and positivity that a single-founder product maker needs when the finish line seems just within reach but so does your never-ending to-do list! I'm looking forward to keeping in touch. — Eve Weinberg

Chris is an outstanding product consultant and sounding board for teams developing technology products. He has a depth of experience from serving as a designer for some of the world's best tech companies, and a broad view of the tech landscape from helping thousands of teams launch on Product Hunt. — Jesse Hercules, ContactLink

Had a wonderful conversion about products and launching on Product Hunt. Chris is living proof that a product hunting hobby can turn into a valuable source of support and knowledge for the product building community, which is crafting today's products for tomorrow's lifestyle and challenges. Insights from a fresh perspective with a huge experience behind is a piece of the product launching puzzle that everyone should add to the mix. — Lucian Daniliuc, Monitive

Set up a call with Chris! His expertise on building products and launching them on Product Hunt is immediately obvious once you start chatting, and a 30min call will give you enough actionable feedback and ideas to keep you busy for days. He has also refined Product Hunt launches down to an art form and a science, and there's no way we would've managed Top 10 without his guidance. Setting up a call with Chris has been one of the best investments on our startup journey so far. —Javier Rodriguez, RemoteFit

The conversation was awesome! Chris really helped us shape our PR strategy and approach our Product Hunt launch from a completely different (much more creative) perspective. I had no idea that it was possible to discuss so much in just 30 minutes. Thank you so much! — Milena Ozernova, Bibcitation

What to expect:

I’m taking all the knowledge that I’ve accumulated having launchd over 2500 products on Product Hunt and putting it into a course — and this newsletter will provide you with updates, insights, tactics and tips for participating in the community, gearing up for your own launch, or discovering new makers and products that you should know about.

I cover topics including:

  • writing compelling copy that works on Product Hunt

  • deciding when to launch and how to pick a hunter (or not!)

  • designing effective gallery video and images

  • authoring a compelling maker comment

  • and much, much more

Contact or work with me:

Follow me on Twitter @chrismessina, on Product Hunt, or email me at